The Earthquake in Nepal

On the 25th of April 2015, a devastating earthquake struck Nepal. Over 8.500 people died during the earthquake and 200.000 houses were destroyed by this terrifying force of nature. Ever since, Nepalese people are fighting to rebuild their homes and make their country liveable again.

Shock Safe Nepal

To support them in this mission, the Shock Safe Nepal initiative was founded with the main objective to rebuild the lost homes, while minimizing the risk of collapse during future earthquakes. Until now, five multidisciplinairy teams of students of the TU Delft have travelled to Nepal in order to perform research on how this main objective can best be achieved. With all combined efforts of all Shock Safe Nepal teams, we aim on research on how to rebuild Nepal shock safe. This website has been created to share experiences with all interest parties during the reconstruction of the affected areas.


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