Team 6 third update, testing!

CSEB testing
We made quite a lot of progress the last week! For our research the initial plan was to test the CSEB after 3 days. However due to some delay the compression test and torque wrench with vice were not calibrated on the day we should have tested the bricks. That’s why the 3 days testing shifting towards 4 days testing.


Overview building site

To see if the torque wrench worked, we tested a random brick from the building site with the torque wrench, however after putting some force on the torque wrench the vice broke and we ended up having a useless torque wrench. Quite a setback in our research, but luckily the compression test was calibrated, and worked properly. On the same day we tried the 5 and 7,5% bricks but they were just too weak for the compression test, and we did not get any results. In order to get some results we shifted it another day, so after 5 days we did get some results of the 5 and 7,5% bricks. We were happy to got even more consistent result from the 10 12,5 and 15% bricks. Now after 8 days testing we do get more results and hopefully we can tell you in the coming months how the hardening curve might look like!


Broken Vice


Compression Test

Events last week
Last week there was Sinterklaas, and to keep some traditions intact we ate some ‘kruid/pepernoten’, and we watched a movie. After some intense days on the building site last week Stephan and Jim fell asleep while watching the movie, maybe not the best celebration of ‘Sinterklaas’ we had in the last years.

At first our idea was to test the bricks after 7 days, however last week there were elections held in the country so the building site was closed on the days we should have tested. That’s why we tested them after 8 days. Quite a lot of demonstrations were held last week, because of the elections. Sometimes we found ourselves on the  scooter trying to break through thousands of people, to come on time for testing the bricks! On the day of the elections everything was closed and almost all the streets were empty, really weird to see some road crossings totally empty, while most of the time these placed are super crowded.

To end the week we had on Friday a lovely dinner at Udit, a Nepali man who Rens knows. He invited us to join his sister’s birthday and have dinner with his whole family. So there we found ourselves in a small living room with 20 Nepali people. The whole family is really friendly and we felt very welcome. We had some cake and sang Dutch and Nepali birthday songs, and even played some didgeridoo! We had a delicious Dal Bhat, maybe the best we had so far! Dal Bhat is rice with dal, a kind of lentils soup, accompanied with vegetables, potatoes and sometimes with meat as well. It is the typical dish of the country, and when you order it you get refills everywhere. The saying Dal Bhat 24 hours power is not uncommon and we know why now!


The coming weeks we will be searching for an alternative compression test, because of the vice that broke. It is quite difficult because ideally we want a test which can exert over 50000 kilos.

DSC06638-edit DSC03330