SSN team 1

Shock Safe Nepal team 1 undertook a reconnaissance mission in September and October 2015. They performed a thorough analysis of the local context through which there derives a systematic documentation of the current state of affairs in post-disaster Nepal. More importantly, they identified the relationship between different degrees of urbanisation in Nepal and the severity of the situation and extent of the damage. This led them to a classification of five different regions, from dense urban environments to remote rural settlements each with its unique challenges that need to be tackled to achieve the goals of Shock Safe Nepal. The project report of team 1 can be downloaded below.

Shock Safe Nepal team 1:

Allard de Stoppelaar – Construction, Management and Engineering
Arjan Oosterhof – Construction, Management and Engineering
Baris Can Düzgün – Construction, Management and Engineering
Coen Spelt – Construction, Management and Engineering
Emilie van Wijnbergen – Building Engineering