SSN team 3

Shock Safe Nepal team 3 was in Nepal from the 20th of April until the 20th of June 2016. Building upon the work of the previous teams, team 3 worked on the implementation of the findings of team 1 and 2 in earthquake resistant house designs for rural areas. The focus was on the village Ratankot (Sindhupalchok district), that has been visited and researched by team 2 in collaboration with Support4Nepal.

The research of team 3 has now been completed and all works have been transferred to Shock Safe Nepal team 4. The final report of team 3 can be found in the following links:

Final report team 3                                                                                                                                          Design booklet of housing designs

Feel free to contact team 3 via or use the contact page.

Shock Safe Nepal team 3:

Carlijn van Hoogdalem – Structural Engineering
Sebastiaan Klaver – Hydraulic Engineering
Lodewijk Luken – Architecture
Jasper Sonneveld – Construction, Management and Engineering
Joris van Zeben – Geo Engineering